Next Of Kin

Next of kin – A wordpress plugin.

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Version 1.1

Next Of Kin is the plugin you don't want to install. It handles what happens after you die.
It monitors your own visits to your wordpress system, and will send you a warning email after a number of weeks (of your choice) without a visit.
If you fail to visit your blog even after that, the system will send a mail you wrote to whoever you choose.

All time intervals and messages are customizable.

This plugin is useful for those that want their blog to out-live them, and serve as an online memorial.

Even without use of this plugin, all are recommended to make sure someone can handle their website in a case of emergency.


1. Upload to your plugins folder, usually `wp-content/plugins/`
2. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen
3. The plugin works per user – each user on your wordpress that wants its functionality, should go to Options -> Next Of Kin, and enable it there.
4. Once enabled, input your options and email messages.

Change Log

Version 1.1

  • Fixed some bad code
  • Fixed options setting incorrectly on first enabling

Upgrade is not needed, old version will work OK if you ever changed any setting (which you probably did when you wrote your next of kin's email).

Version 1.0b



Why do I need to use a plugin like this? I'm going to live for ever!

No, you're not.

I got a warning email, what do I do?

Go to your options panel, and hit Reset.

Does this count only visits to my dashboard, or will it know me when I visit the blog?

Every visit to your wordpress system, blog or dashboard, count, as long as you're logged in.

What if I just don't care much for my blog, and visit it only once every few months?

First, you can set the time intervals, up to 30 weeks before the system assumes you're no longer.

Secondly, maybe this plugin is not for you. The idea behind this plugin is that we visit our blogs daily, if not hourly, so if something happens to you, the blog will be the first to feel it.

I'm not using this plugin because I'm afraid my mother will get a false email from me saying I'm dead!

The system will first send you a warning email after a default time period of two weeks without a visit.

A week later it will send you another warning, and also a warning to your chosen next of kin, whom you can ask to contact you and tell you to go in and reset. only after these two time periods, will the plugin allow itself to assume the worst.

How can I know this will work?

If you're eager to test this before it matters, edit nextofkin.php: line 45 states the number of seconds in a week. If you change this to 300, then the time intervals will be five minutes worth, instead of a week.
Also change line 46 from 7200 seconds to 1 second.

Enter an email address of your own as the second recepient (If you only have one, try using a address), and don't access your blog for a short while.

Note – somebody needs to access your blog for the mails to be sent, but with search robots and spam bots, it shouldn't take long.

After you finish testing, fix lines 45 and 46 to their initial value (7 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 604800, and 7200) and hit Reset in the options panel.

  1. Jonathan’s avatar

    Not to be morbid,
    but this is the funniest plugin I've ever seen!

    I'm definitely installing it.


  2. צפריר’s avatar

    I'm glad someone managed to figure out the comment form 🙂


  3. Scott’s avatar

    Kind of morbid but I'll probably use it all the same


  4. Fr. Daniel’s avatar

    How secure is the information entered in the email message to be sent to the next of kin? If the information is not really secure, it may not be a good idea to put passwords, etc. in the settings.


  5. שאולי’s avatar

    מצוין, תודה


  6. BJohnM’s avatar

    I have a suggestion for an enhancement. Along with the emails, how about also having a "final" blog post message. In otherwords, a space in the "emails" section where one could leave a farewell post for the blog that would not get published until the same criteria had been met which dispactches that final email message.


    1. Martin’s avatar

      Very useful plugin – congrats for dealing with the stupid taboo most of us accept until it is too late – at least for this incarnation… 😉

      Anyways I would like to second the request for a final blog post that can be scheduled along with the emails. many of us will handle the actual will in more conventional ways, but saying good bye to our blog readers and letting them know that most likely something went wrong would be a very useful feature.

      In case you do not intend to add this possibility in the near future – are there any other plugins or quick hacks how this could be achieved??

      thanks, Martin

      P.S.: looks like RTL contact forms have a problem with brackets, smilies and the like…


    2. Jack’s avatar

      I'd like to see two features. I like the idea of a final blog post, but I'd also like to send an email attachment to my next of kin. This is a much needed "dead man's switch." Thank you


    3. Nestor’s avatar

      Very interesting plugin, I have often considered how my websites might outlive me, considering I tend to pay hosting years in advance. right now I could pop my clogs and my sites would continue operating into 2012 indeed making money
      Very interesting plugin I will have to give some serious thought to



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