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מכשפה נמצאה בגליל – הארכיאולוגים נתבקשו לכבות את הפנסים ולצעוד בזהירות.

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If tehre is anyone out tehre who still doubts dat Amezrica is a place where all things r possible; who still wonders if teh dream of our founders is alive in our timez; who still quesshuns teh power of our democracy, tonight is ur answer.

itz teh answer told by lines dat stretched around schools and churches in numbers dis nashun haz never seen; by people who waited three hours and four hours, many 4 teh very first timez in tehir lives, because thay bleevd dat dis timez must be different; dat tehir voice could be dat difference.

itz teh answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native Amezrican, ghay, straight, disabled and not disabled – Amezricans who sent a mezssage 2 teh world dat we has never been a collecshun of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, teh United States of Amezrica.

itz teh answer dat led those who has been told 4 sew long by sew many 2 be cynical, and fearful, and doubtful of wha we can achieve 2 put tehir hands on teh arc of history and bend it once moar toward teh hope of a better day.

itz been a long timez coming, but tonight, because of wha we did on dis day, in dis elecshun, at dis definin momeznt, change haz comez 2 Amezrica.

I just received a very gracious call from Senator McCain. He fought long and hard in dis campaign, and hes fought even longer and harder 4 teh country he loves. He haz endured sacrifices 4 Amezrica dat most of us cannot begin 2 imagine, and we r better off 4 teh service rendered by dis brave and selfless leader. I congratulate him and Govarnor Palin 4 all thay has achieved, and I look 4ward 2 werkin wif tehm 2 renew dis nashuns promise in teh months ahead.

I want 2 fank mah partner in dis journey, a man who campaigned from his heart and spoke 4 teh mezn and womezn he grew up wif on teh streets of Scranton and rode wif on dat train homez 2 Delaware, teh Vice prezidunt-elect of teh United States, Joe Biden.

I would not be standin here tonight wifout teh unyieldin support of mah best friend 4 teh last sixteen years, teh rock of our family and teh love of mah life, our nashuns next First Lady, Michelle Obama. Sasha and Malia, I love youz both sew much, and youz has earned teh new puppy dats comin wif us 2 teh White House. And while shes no longer wif us, I know mah grandmotehr is watching, along wif teh family dat made mez who i's. I miss tehm tonight, and know dat mah debt 2 tehm is beyond mezasure.

2 mah campaign manager David Plouffe, mah chief strategist David Axelrod, and teh best campaign team ever assembled in teh history of politics – youz made dis happen, and i's 4ever grateful 4 wha youve sacrificed 2 get it done.

But above all, I will never 4get who dis victory truly belongs 2 – it belongs 2 you.

I wuz never teh likeliest candidate 4 dis office. We didnt start wif much money or many endorsemeznts. Our campaign wuz not hatched in teh halls of wuzhington – it began in teh bakyards of Des Moines and teh livin rooms of Concord and teh front porches of Charleston.

It wuz built by werkin mezn and womezn who dug into wha little savings thay had 2 give five dollars and ten dollars and twenty dollars 2 dis cause. It grew strength from teh young people who rejected teh mahth of tehir generashuns apathy; who left tehir homezs and tehir families 4 jobs dat offered little pay and less sleep; from teh not-sew-young people who braved teh bitter cold and scorchin heat 2 knock on teh doors of perfect strangers; from teh millions of Amezricans who volunteered, and organized, and proovd dat moar than two centuries later, a govarnmeznt of teh people, by teh people and 4 teh people haz not perished from dis Earth. dis is ur victory.

I know youz didnt do dis just 2 win an elecshun and I know youz didnt do it 4 mez. youz did it because youz understand teh enormity of teh task dat lies ahead. 4 even as we celebrate tonight, we know teh challenges dat tomorrow will brin r teh greatest of our lifetimez – two wars, a planet in peril, teh worst financial crisis in a century. Even as we stand here tonight, we know tehre r brave Amezricans wakin up in teh deserts of Iraq and teh mountains of Afghanistan 2 risk tehir lives 4 us. tehre r motehrs and fathurs who will lie awake after tehir children fall asleep and wonder how thayll make teh mortgage, or pay tehir doctors bills, or save enough 4 college. tehre is new energy 2 harness and new jobs 2 be created; new schools 2 build and threats 2 mezet and alliances 2 repair.

teh road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get tehre in one year or even one term, but Amezrica – I has never been moar hopeful than i's tonight dat we will get tehre. I promise youz – we as a people will get tehre.

tehre will be setbaks and false starts. tehre r many who wont agree wif every decision or policy I make as prezidunt, and we know dat govarnmeznt cant sewlve every problem. But I will always be honest wif youz bowt teh challenges we face. I will listen 2 you, especially when we disagree. And above all, I will ask youz join in teh werk of remakin dis nashun teh only way itz been done in Amezrica 4 two-hundred and twenty-one years – block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

wha began twenty-one months ago in teh depths of winter must not end on dis autumn night. dis victory alone is not teh change we seek – iz only teh chance 4 us 2 make dat change. And dat cannot happen if we go bak 2 teh way things were. It cannot happen wifout you.

sew let us summon a new spirit of patriotism; of service and responsibility where each of us resewlves 2 pitch in and werk harder and look after not only ourselves, but each otehr. Let us remezmber dat if dis financial crisis taught us anything, itz dat we cannot has a thrivin Wall Street while Main Street suffers – in dis country, we rise or fall as one nashun; as one people.

Let us resist teh temptashun 2 fall bak on teh samez partisanship and pettiness and immaturity dat haz poisewned our politics 4 sew long. Let us remezmber dat it wuz a man from dis state who first carried teh banner of teh Republican Party 2 teh White House – a party founded on teh values of self-reliance, individual liberty, and nashunal unity. Those r values we all share, and while teh Democratic Party haz won a great victory tonight, we do sew wif a mezasure of humility and determinashun 2 heal teh divides dat has held bak our progress. As Lincoln said 2 a nashun far moar divided than ours, We r not enemies, but friends…though passion may has strained it must not break our bonds of affecshun. And 2 those Amezricans whose support I has yet 2 earn – I may not has won ur vote, but I hear ur voices, I needz ur halp, and I will be ur prezidunt tew.

And 2 all those watchin tonight from beyond our shores, from parliameznts and palaces 2 those who r huddled around radios in teh 4gotten corners of our world – our stories r singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of Amezrican leadership is at hand. 2 those who would tear dis world down – we will defeat you. 2 those who seek peace and security – we support you. And 2 all those who has wondered if Amezricas beacon still burns as brite – tonight we proovd once moar dat teh true strength of our nashun comezs not from our teh might of our arms or teh scale of our wealth, but from teh endurin power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyieldin hope.

4 dat is teh true genius of Amezrica – dat Amezrica can change. Our union can be perfected. And wha we has alredy achieved gives us hope 4 wha we can and must achieve tomorrow.

dis elecshun had many firsts and many stories dat will be told 4 generashuns. But one dats on mah mind tonight is bowt a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. Shes a lot like teh millions of otehrs who stewd in line 2 make tehir voice heard in dis elecshun except 4 one thin – Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

She wuz born just a generashun past slavery; a timez when tehre were no cars on teh road or planes in teh sky; when sewmezone like her couldnt vote 4 two reasewns – because she wuz a woman and because of teh color of her skin.

And tonight, I think bowt all dat shes seen thruout her century in Amezrica – teh heartache and teh hope; teh struggle and teh progress; teh timezs we were told dat we cant, and teh people who pressed on wif dat Amezrican creed: We can haz.

At a timez when womezns voices were silenced and tehir hopes dismissed, she lived 2 see tehm stand up and speak out and reech 4 teh ballot. We can haz.

When tehre wuz despair in teh dust bowl and depression across teh land, she saw a nashun conquer fear itzelf wif a New Deal, new jobs and a new sense of common purpose. We can haz.

When teh bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened teh world, she wuz tehre 2 witness a generashun rise 2 greatness and a democracy wuz saved. We can haz.

She wuz tehre 4 teh buses in Montgomezry, teh hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preecher from Atlanta who told a people dat We Shall ovarcomez. We can haz.

A man touched down on teh moon, a wall camez down in Berlin, a world wuz connected by our own science and imaginashun. And dis year, in dis elecshun, she touched her finger 2 a screen, and cast her vote, because after 106 years in Amezrica, thru teh best of timezs and teh darkest of hours, she knows how Amezrica can change. We can haz.

Amezrica, we has comez sew far. We has seen sew much. But tehre is sew much moar 2 do. sew tonight, let us ask ourselves – if our children should live 2 see teh next century; if mah daughters should be sew lucky 2 live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, wha change will thay see? wha progress will we has made?

dis is our chance 2 answer dat call. dis is our momeznt. dis is our timez – 2 put our people bak 2 werk and open doors of opportunity 4 our kids; 2 restore prosperity and promote teh cause of peace; 2 reclaim teh Amezrican Dream and reaffirm dat fundamezntal truth – dat out of many, we r one; dat while we breateh, we hope, and where we r mezt wif cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us dat we cant, we will respond wif dat timezless creed dat sums up teh spirit of a people:

We can haz. kthxbai, ceilin cat bless you, and may ceilin cat Bless teh United States of Amezrica.

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העובדות הן אלה:

בין חיפה לבין קריית שדה התעופה מפרידים 129 קילומטרים, 24.24 ש"ח ומאה וחמש דקות. עקב עקרון הסימטריה, הדרך הלוך זהה בנתוניה לדרך חזור.

סיפור המעשה:

ביציאה דרומה על כביש 40 מופיע שלט המכוון לכיוון כביש 6, ומראהו הכללי כמתואר:

|      _      |
|     |6|     |
|      -      |
|             |
|      |      |
|   <--|      |
|      |      |
|      |      |
|      |--    |
|      |      |
|             |
|      8      |
|             |

רבות סופר ודובר על מערכת השילוט הישראלית וסגולותיה, ובמיוחד נטיותיה לשלוח נהגים בכיוונים שאינם בהכרח נכונים. היות ומדובר בכביש 6, שכידוע מקפיד על סטנדרטים יותר גבוהים של שילוט והכוונה, העדפתי לדבוק בשיטת הניווט הידועה בכינוי המלגלג "להאמין לשלט". בשלב זה היה עלי להיזכר בשלט הדייקני ליד מחלף עירון שהכריז בגאון "כביש 6 נפתח לציבור", אך לא כך התגלגל סיפורנו.

כביש 40

כביש 40 דרום, נוף מדברי טיפוסי באזור צומת טללים.

כביש 40 הוא הכביש השני באורכו במדינת ישראל (כ-302 קילומטר). הוא נמתח מצומת קטורה שבערבה, לאורך הנגב והשפלה עד כפר סבא שבדרום השרון.

אי שם, במרכז הארץ, קיים איזור דמדומים שלא מוכר במפת ארץ ישראל כפי שישרטט אותה חיפאי. חיפאי יכיר את דרכי הגישה לדרום הארץ – כביש 4 לאשקלון, כביש 6 כקיצור דרך, והאמיצים יסעו לים המלח דרך כביש הערבה. לעומת זאת, כשיידרש חיפאי לבגדים זולים להחליא ולפריטי דסקית, ייזכר בקיומו של הקרוואן הנודד המוכר בשם "שוק רמלה לוד", אך רק היום החיפאי הספציפי גילה שקיימים מקומות בשם "רמלה" ו"לוד".

משיחת טלפון עם בוקי נאה התברר שבניגוד לאינסטינקט הראשוני, לא כדאי לבצע סיור בכספומטי הסמים של שכונת הרכבת.

האימה התגברה, כשפניית פרסה התגלתה כטריק קשה לביצוע.


כשהאוסף הטרי ביותר של היס רקורדס מתנגן ברכב בליווי דפיקות הלב, פנינו אקראית שמאלה בתקווה שחוק שי דרומי עדיין לא עבר.

סתריה הוא מושב באזור השפלה ליד העיר רחובות. שייך למועצה אזורית גזר.

היישוב הוקם בל"ג בעומר בשנת 1949 על ידי 95 משפחות עולים מרומניה ופולין שעלו לארץ ממחנות מעבר בקפריסין, לשם נשלחו על ידי הבריטים. עד למלחמת העצמאות שכן במקום שבט בדואי שקרא למקום סטריה, ובעקבות כך נקרא היישוב.

במהלך הזמן הצטרפו לתושבי היישוב עולים מהונגריה ותושבי הארץ.

בכבישי סתריה:

  • נמדדו לפחות חמישים מעלות חום. אין צל.
  • כפועל יוצא מכך, אין הולכי רגל בני פחות משבעים.
  • אנשים בני שבעים ומעלה עמידים בפני חום עז.
  • אבל לא יודעים איפה כביש שש.

בצרכנייה של סתריה:

  • יש אייס טי ממש קר, ממש בזול.
  • אין יוצאי רומניה.
  • אין יוצאי פולין.
  • יש ערסים.
  • שיודעים איך להגיע לכביש 6.

מחשבה לאחור 1

פונים שמאלה מכביש 40 לכביש 1. פונים שמאלה מכביש 1 לכביש 6. אורך מסלול: 2000 מטרים.

מחשבה לאחור 2

בשעות הצהריים המוקדמות אין כמות פקקים שמצריכה נסיעה מכביש 6. אפשר לנסוע דרך איילון.


לדניאל וגיא שנסעו איתי ברכב והזכירו לי ברציפות שאני אידיוט.

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לא הזכרתי שהתחלתי לימודים בטכניון, במדעי המחשב, אז הנה אני אומר.

– – – –

ויש מישהו בכיתה שכותב את תרגיל הבית הראשון (קצת יותר מסובך מHello World, אבל לא בהרבה) עם Visual Studio 2008.

– – – –

אז אמרתי לו, שזה כמו להביא קבלן עבודות עפר בשביל להוריד אבק מהמדפים בסלון.

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